Monday, March 7, 2016


I LOVED this week. I don't even know where to start. We had two zone meetings and two exchanges, so time just flew by. Sitting here emailing feels pretty weird. It feels like it's been 2 days since I last came to this internet cafe. But here I am!

Speaking of which, time is just going way too fast for me. This is the last time I have to anxiously wait for "the moving call". It has randomly stressed me out a couple times this week, but one day I sat down to talk with my companion about how I was feeling and as we talked, I received a clear impression that I just needed to work hard and enjoy every minute. So simple, right? Almost too simple. But it works! There's a million things I can't control, but I can control my happiness. We exchanged with our roommates the other day and Sister Tinsley and I got fang'd (they didn't show up), cancelled and dropped the entire day, but it was probably the funnest day of the week and we actually had a lot of success the rest of the day! And I realized it was because my focus was more on talking to people and "finding" because I love them and I believe in them. There's nothing happier than just talking to as many people as you can and relating their concerns to the gospel and helping them feel the spirit. It's so much more simple than I sometimes make it out to be in my head. 

Li Chong Wei after his interview! So so so happy
The best part of the week was Li Chong Wei passing his baptismal interview! He hasn't smoked in 5 days, and he feels like he's completely done. We had him over at a member's home, Lai JiaTing, and they just love him so much. They are such a big support to him. He voiced a concern that a lot of his friends are questioning him for coming to church and preparing to be baptized, quitting smoking and drinking tea etc, and he said that's the hardest part for him. But after talking about it, he felt like his true friends will support him in the positive decisions he's making. A lot of them came to visit him this weekend and we were a little nervous that he'd smoke again with them but he was just beaming when he came to church on Sunday and told us that his friends and family support him, and he hasn't smoked again! We are so happy for him! He's getting baptized on March 12th!

I just hope I don't leave this place. It's funny, in Chinese the word Zion is 錫安 (Xi'An) and the place we live in HuaLien is called 吉安(Ji'An), which sounds pretty similar. So we always refer to this place as Zion! It's just been the most incredible experience seeing such a difference in this area - especially in our ward. I feel like we started from nothing and we've come so far and I have grown so close to the people here. I've never put so much effort into building up an area, and the results have just been so fulfilling and joyful. I'm so humbled by the power of God and how much He loves His children. I know that God places us where we need to be...but please pray that I stay!

Sister Hendricks
Elder Crawford gave him his interview.
Let me tell you a story. Our zone consists of 2 sets of sisters and 6 sets of elders. The choice of where we go to eat for zone lunches is almost never in the sisters' power. So, this is me documenting my first McDonald's meal in Taiwan. Yes, it's just as terrible as it is in America.

​We have this really cute Philippino investigator that bought us cake haha 

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