Sunday, March 27, 2016

Family and Friends,

Man so much happened this week! First of all - it stopped raining! It's been raining every single day this transfer until a few days ago. I didn't realize how warm it was on the East Coast until I came back to Taipei. But it's warming up again, and there's nothing that makes me more naturally energetic and happy than sunlight after weeks of rain. And not only in the weather, but we saw some really cool miracles this week in our area. We went from literally no one, to 5 progressing investigators! One of them is actually getting baptized this Saturday! Her name is Yan Zi Juan. She is in the 新浦XinPu ward, and we are in the 新板XinBan ward. But there are no sisters serving in the XinPu ward, and Yan's husband won't let her meet with elders, so we are helping her finish the lessons! She is so sweet. Sister Kitchens (my roommate from HuaLien) was actually the one who started teaching her. I'm so excited to tell her she'll be baptized! Then we have some really amazing member referrals, and new investigators from English Class! It's been really cool to see things pick up again. And It's made me so happy to see Sister Lee expect miracles every day :)

This transfer has been exactly what I have needed. I can just see so clearly how well every experience I've had on my mission and in my life has lead up to being here. Being in HuaLien really helped me learn faith, patience, and diligence in picking an area back up, and I'm doing my best to apply those principles here in 板橋BanQiao. I also feel like Heavenly Father is giving me another chance at being more understanding and putting myself in my companion's shoes. I think that's the biggest thing this transfer is testing me on. Obviously Sister Lee and I are in two very different situations, her being a bit older and a native is a lot different than what I'm experiencing, not to mention she's only been on her mission for about 3-4 months. I've had to remind myself that we need to be open and understanding to each other. It's been really amazing for me to learn how to communicate in love and patience and offer good advice rather than being condescending. For example, helping her understand that we have to keep dinner appointments to only an hour, or when we are contacting on the street we have to be a little more bold and personal, or helping her understand how to plan well for lessons, etc. I've learned that as I use compassion and love when approaching those kinds of situations, rather than assuming the worst in her decisions or actions, it always works. 

I feel so much hope and faith in her and in this area! I know things will only go up from here!

Sister Hendricks

Sister Lee and I went ice skating last Pday :)

Shi JiaTing!
Sister Lee and I :)
​Guo JiaTing! We get fed a lot in this ward haha
Guo JiaTing again
Lin JiaTing!
This is the street we live on.
Beautiful day in ZhongHe! We had exchanges the other day and we went finding at this beautiful park with so many cute families and little kids. It was a day of miracles.
"No success can compensate for failure in the home."
These stickers are on almost every member's mailboxes.

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