Monday, November 2, 2015

English Class!

English class was so much fun this week and such a success! Every week, we get somewhere around 12-15 students total which includes members. Sister Haupt made the goal as our English Class Leader to get 30 students every week. The goal seemed so far out of reach, but with all the new tools we're using to improve this class, we set the goal with faith. This week as class was beginning to start, we had new student after new student walk in the door. We had a total of 26 students that night which is the most we've ever had. 3 of them set up to meet with us and a few set up with the elders as well. It was so crazy. We realized that 6 of our 11 investigators came from english class. Seriously every week it just gets better! 

Man this was quite the week. I don't think I've ever done so much finding in my life. I think in the past 3 days, we've had a total of 20 or so hours of finding, which includes knocking on doors and street contacting, riding our bikes up and down hills, etc. Most of it was because lessons cancelled last minute. I have never been more exhausted in my whole life. (Needless to say, this will be a Pday of actual rest). We've been trying so hard to get more investigators come to church, and for them to set baptismal dates. We spent so much time and effort this week on those two areas, and then Sunday morning came, and none of them showed up. And everyone we invited to baptism was too unsure to accept the invitation. It was pretty rough. By then, we were pretty tired and then on top of it, Chen JM told us last minute that she couldn't come to the Fireside with us. They do it every month for missionaries to bring investigators and RCLAs and it's at the chapel right next to the temple. It's a super fun night and it's such a good way to help our investigators feel the spirit. But then we didn't have anyone to go with us, so we had 3 more hours of finding to add to our schedule.

It was a little discouraging, and after church we were in no way prepared for another 6 hours of finding that day. Sister Haupt broke down and so we talked for a bit. Missions are just hard sometimes. Things don't always go as planned. It's difficult planning effective activities for a whole afternoon and evening, then building up the motivation and energy to go work, and then getting nothing but rejection over and over again. But we decided we would still go finding. maybe there was someone God wanted us to meet that night. So we got on our bikes and then got a call from our Relief Society President saying she and her husband (he's less-active) wanted to drive us to the Fireside! We immediately said a prayer of thanks.

I just know God was testing us this week. It was a very tiring, and a little disappointing week. But I'm glad we didn't give up. I'm glad we kept going and kept working hard. Even though I don't think I've ever been so rejected in my life. It's a HUGE lesson I learned. I feel like we can do everything we can to have a perfect week. We can make the plans, be obedient, pray for help, and work diligently and effectively... but in the end, it's still all God's plan. He runs this mission and this area. If we need to learn patience, He'll teach us patience. If we need to learn how to work hard, He'll teach us how. And if we need to learn how to have faith in God, He'll throw us in a pile of difficult things to overcome, and see how we handle it. And when we endure it well, He'll bless us with our Relief Society President's invitation to the Fireside :). The best weeks I've had on my mission, are the hardest and most challenging ones that end on a good note through enduring well and keeping up the faith.

This week definitely ended on a good note. Moving calls are this Wednesday after English Class and I've never been so nervous for transfers to come! This area has been too good for me. My heart will break if I have to leave this area. But I also know that it will be for the best.

Love you all!
Happy Halloween!!
Sister Hendricks

 These are bamboo stick things that you can eat. You like chew on it until the water comes out and then spit it out when it's dry. I forgot the name of it. But they were pretty good.

Yes... We went to the BEACH!!!

Collecting seashells

 Wang JM and wang DX took us to the beach!! best pday ever!
This is some famous rock made from erosion and natural sources. Everyone was standing is this crazy long line to take a picture next to it. So we just improvised.
 Sister Haupt, Wang JM (Relief Society Pres), and I!

More beach pictures!

 Mission planner
 English Class!
 Happy Halloween
We made Jack O Lantern pancakes for our Halloween breakfast. so festive.

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