Monday, October 26, 2015

MuZha is the promised land!

It's been a pretty great (short) week! The best part was meeting with our investigator, Chen Hong Yu! She's our investigator with the craziest work/school schedule and no time to meet. But she was able to attend a ward activity on Saturday because she didn't have work that day! It was a huge blessing we were able to meet with her because she had to go visit her family last minute in JiLong right after so wasn't able to come to church the next day. But I am just so excited for her. We started teaching her some commandments and focused on keeping the Sabbath day holy because she sometimes works on Sundays. We thought it would be a bit more difficult for her to commit, but after sharing some scriptures and inviting her to keep the Sabbath day holy, she was more than willing to make some changes. We also were able to schedule a couple more times during the week to meet with her besides Sundays so we can help her prepare for baptism as soon as possible! She was on date for November 8th, but we don't want to rush anything and we want to make sure she fully understands before she commits to be baptized. So we pushed her date back to the 29th (she'll be out of town for a weekend), and she is really excited for that day to come.

She's an amazing investigator. We actually found her through English Class and she's really the most prepared investigator I've ever had. The cool thing is, at first she was just super excited to learn about English and make some new American friends. She even said she didn't have much interest in God. But after coming to church, meeting members in our ward, attending General Conference, etc., she's really felt a special spirit here and has already experienced having answers to prayers on her own time. It's so cool that through the spirit, she found truth. Other than her, we have A LOT of people with so much potential. But we've struggled with getting them to accept a baptismal date and help them to attend church for a variety of reasons. We want to make that change this week though, and really get new baptismal date investigators. Our district made a goal of us all bringing someone new to church this week that hasn't been before.

I've learned a lot about setting goals and working hard to accomplish them throughout my mission. I feel like a lot of times, I overwhelm myself with a million things I want to improve on and feeling like none of it is getting accomplished. But I've started taking things one step at a time, and making measurable, achievable, reasonable goals. And it's cool to see that looking back at the goals I've set, and things I've wanted to change from the start of my mission until now, they've all improved overtime and through a lot of prayer. I'm also pretty lucky to have a very goal-oriented companion that's inspired me to be better in that way. I've made the goal to read the old and new testament, and Jesus the Christ before the end of my mission. I know that it will take hard work and lots of prayer, but I'm pretty excited.

That's about it! Have a great week!
Sister Hendricks

Scripture of the week: 1 John 4:9

MaoKong Gondola~They're closed every Monday... So since we had Pday on Wednesday, we took advantage of this opportunity and went with some missionaries in our zone! 

Sister Haupt, VanTonder, Wood and I

Catching Beetles

Dinner on the roof!

Ancient Grave

Some people we met on the street said they love Mormon missionaries, so they gave us vinegar. Haha.
FHE at Lin JM's house! It was supposed to be a single adult activity but then Zhui JM asked if she could come and bring her kids haha so it became even better.

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