Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello from XiZhi! Transfer 5~

Last Pday with Sister Stevens! We went to Taipei main station :)


Well, I said my Goodbyes to SongShan this week! Sister Stevens is training again, and I've been moved to the city next door in XiZhi. Still in the same district which is a little unusual, but it feels like I'm on the other side of the world. The rain here in XiZhi is basically never ending. It's interesting how big of a difference the weather is, even though it's only a few train stops away.

My new companion is Sister Peng! She's from Taichung, and doesn't speak very much English at all, so we only speak Chinese together. It's a little challenging, but also really cool. I think back to being in the MTC when our teachers only spoke Chinese with us and I couldn't understand a single thing they were saying. Now I can see that I actually have improved. I still have to ask her to repeat a lot, but it comes. It's such a weird thing.. I'm just sitting here, thinking about the fact that for the past 4 days I've only been communicating in Chinese. When I was with Sister Stevens, we'd still speak in English together most of the time. But now I feel completely immersed. It's a little bit of a lonely feeling, with the language barrier..but I'm learning how to have a good relationship with my companion and show her that I love her even though it's hard to express it vocally sometimes. I really feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

I'm really excited to be here in XiZhi. Sister Peng is a very loving missionary. I know she wants to share this message with everyone and I'm so excited to work with her and learn from her. I hope I can continue to grow, and not take any steps backwards. 

Transfer meeting was crazy. So many people went home this week! About 10% to be exact. But in the next few transfers, we are getting a lot of new missionaries and a new mission president! Lots of changes going on, but the work is still going. 

Something I loved from transfer meeting, was when an elder was sharing his testimony before going home. He shared a quote that changed him on his mission: "God is easy to please, but He's hard to satisfy".

I know that God is pleased with the work here in XiZhi. But I want Him to be satisfied. I'm excited for this new challenge, this new change.

Love you all!
Sister Hendricks

Mango smoothies and a tiny drink that came with our meal.

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