Monday, August 10, 2015

Yes. We survived!

A nice visit from the biggest typhoon in the last 20 years was exciting. It lasted about a day and a half and hit every city in Taiwan. Our apartment, being on the 22nd floor, was shaking back and forth for days. It was super scary at some points, but really cool. This is what our President emailed us this week:

"We enjoyed witnessing the typhoon last weekend. We were so amazed with the gale force winds and the torrential rain Saturday. In Taipei, huge trees were uprooted. Branches, limbs, and other debris was scattered on the roads. I heard from a member that it was one of the biggest typhoons in 20 years. Crazy!
We are so excited to report that all missionaries are safe. The only problems I heard were some minor apartment flooding and that two apartments lost electricity. We feel that our mission was greatly blessed and protected.

I received a call early Saturday morning from our In-Field Representative to get an update on you missionaries due to the storm. President Uchtdorf wanted to know if all missionaries were safe in our mission. I told him all missionaries were accounted for and safe. I am grateful for the love and concern from the First Presidency for each of you missionaries.

Typhoon day activities!
By the way, we sent out two mass emails to your parents and we posted information on the website to update parents regarding your safety before and during the storm."

So yeah, pretty cool. All is well.

Lots of changes this week! We have transfers Friday, and just like every transfer day so far, I am always so surprised at what will happen. I thought FOR SURE I would be staying in XiZhi, but Sister Peng got a call from the Assistants Saturday night to be a Trainer in XiZhi! I'm so excited for her! But I'm also so so sad to be leaving XiZhi. I have grown seriously so much in this area and have learned to truly LOVE this area, ward, our investigators, and my companion. It will be hard to leave, but I know that God is in charge of His work and I know that where ever I'm sent this transfer will be exactly where I need to be.

I have learned a lot these past two transfers, but I think the biggest thing I've learned is that my mission is not about me. I have really learned the importance of being motivated by love. I have learned the importance of forgetting about myself. I am growing from my mission, and I have seen others grow along the way. It's the most incredible experience I could ever ask for and I never want it to end!

Sister Hendricks
Cute Jian Yi Ting cooked us the best meal ever. Love these people!
We went to NeiHu on Pday to eat at our member's restaurant! They cooked it for us and it was soooo good. 

Sister Peng & I

​Ahhh I am going to miss my cute 本地人! I love Sister Peng so much! She's going to be the best Mama ever!

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