Sunday, June 28, 2015


 I love the Xie's! They're the senior couple in SongShan. I miss them!
 Even though Sister Peng and I aren't moving, every companionship went to the transfer meeting to say goodbye to President and Sister Day. 
Sister Good! 好久不見!

This week... man this week was great. Our short 5 week transfer came to an end, and surprisingly Sister Peng and I are continuing our service here in 汐止! These past 5 weeks have changed a lot about how I view my mission. I have never been so humbled, even to the dust of humility. I have never been so aware of all the things I need to change. At the same time, I've never been so determined to change. I feel so completely reliant and dependent on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Sister Peng has always got a new companion at every transfer, so we were both pretty surprised that we'll be together again. I feel so blessed that God is giving me another chance to be a better companion. I feel at peace that for these next 7 weeks, I can apply the things I've learned, and start fresh.

The week started out with Sister Peng getting a terrible cold/fever that she is still recovering from. Obviously, getting sick is never a positive thing....except in this instance. Lately, I have been really praying for my companion. I have been praying that she can feel God's love for her and find the testimony that she truly does possess. I've been praying that God will give her an experience that will change her heart. I've been praying that someone can help her - whether it be me, a member, another missionary, I didn't know. Just, someone..

The day she got sick, I called Sister Day (mission president's wife) as well as our Sister Training Leaders to let them know we were staying in for the day. Later that day our STLs called us back and said that they had a huge impression to come spend the day in 汐止 with us. So Sister Branch could go out with me to our appointments and then Sister Wu could stay and take care of Sister Peng. Later that night, the elders in our ward came over to give Sister Peng a priesthood blessing. The blessing was presented and the Spirit filled the room. It was a very powerful blessing that I knew was straight from our Father in Heaven. Especially because everything Elder Andelin said in the blessing was exactly what Sister Peng has been questioning - things that he didn't know about her. I know this experience was what I was praying for. I know Sister Wu was the person who needed to help my companion. She was able to talk with her and help her in ways that I wouldn't be able to. It's just amazing how God truly knows what we need. Through this experience, Sister Peng has been changed and really come to feel God's love. 

I truly believe in the power of prayer. God does hear and answer every prayer. God truly lives and loves each of us. Sometimes, we may not feel like He is listening. Sometimes it may seem like such a long time has gone by since feeling God's love.. but I feel like we can all follow Sister Peng's example and never give up. Never give up on prayer. Her example is evidence to me that God really loves each one of us. 

She's feeling better this week, and we both feel very excited for another transfer together and for this opportunity to help 汐止 grow with a fresh new start! 

Sister Hendricks

 Rice dumplings for the Mid Summer festival!

So good!
Hot Pot with Sister Branch!

I passed off Phase I!!!!

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