Sunday, June 14, 2015

Had the best Zone Conference with our amazing President and Sister Day! It was our last Zone Conference with them before they go home. Our whole mission will really miss them so much. Here, they did a roleplay for us, acting out a day in the life of a missionary. Haha, they will be missed so so much.

I've been reminded of a lesson I learned while at the MTC several months ago. The experiences we have in this life that test our faith are like an hour glass. We gain experience, learn, grow, achieve and become something more everyday, like a waterfall of sand. The sand falls and creates a foundation and over time it builds up into mounds that represent our continual growth. The mounds form into pyramid like figures, until they "collapse" to widen the foundation. Without the "collapse" the sand has no foundation to build upon. Without the "collapse", there is no room for growth. 

These "collapses" are necessary. The experiences we have in this life that test our faith are necessary for our growth. I too often forget that life has to be hard. A mission has to be hard. We have to be tested beyond our limits and comfort zone. We need to embrace challenges with open arms, eager to change, fully relying on the one who made it all possible. It IS the only way. There is absolutely no room to rely on ourselves. We are too weak. We need the cleansing power of the Atonement.

My mission has not failed to humble me to the dust of humility. It has brought me to a knowledge of every imperfection I possess of and all the goodness I lack in. My weaknesses have become a constant reminder to me that I do need the Savior's atonement. I know my mission is hard, but the lessons I have learned thus far, the changes I've seen in myself and in so many others, the tender mercies of the Lord that are showered upon us daily.. all these things outweigh the days when I'm not feeling my best. When all I hear is Chinese, rather than the thoughts and feelings of my companion or investigators. The days when all I hear is "bu yong" (Chinese for 'no use', which means 'I don't need to hear your message'). The days when the discouragement and exhaustion seem too severe..

But the knowledge I have gained that Christ truly IS my Savior, and that I undoubtedly know that this gospel is true has brought me to a new light. This life-long pursuit of becoming truly converted to my Savior is definitely the hardest and most humiliating, yet happiest and most rewarding pursuit a person can take. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

Sister Hendricks
Huang Jie Mei, a member from SongShan came to XiZhi ward yesterday! The people I've met here in Taiwan are all so special. I love them so much!

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