Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 2 in Taiwan!

Taipei Temple at night :)
Nimen Hao!

It's all so thrilling and exciting being on the island of Taiwan! I love experiencing this new culture.  I love the weather so much. We get a way better exercise in the mornings here too, which is so awesome. We either go running, or biking on a road called 
Rainbow Road. I love being a biking missionary. Even though it's the most terrifying thing biking in the city of Taiwan, I love the thrill! It is so tiring though. Especially because this week, it just happened to work out that we had appointments very far apart in distance with like 10 minutes in between each. We had to use our time very wisely and then just book it to our next appointment. That's how basically everyday was this week. Needless to say, my legs feel like jello at the end of every night.

Sister Stevens and I with our Hot Pots!

Also, I'm pretty sure all of the traffic laws in Taiwan are just suggestions. I should start counting how many cars drive through red lights. You just have to go with the flow though. It's an adventure for sure.                

SongShan is so incredible! I love the people here so much. Sister Stevens is pretty new to the area as well so we are trying to get to know the members together since the last transfer she was here, her
and her companion spent most of their time doing office work since her companion had some disabilities. So we're getting to know the area together!

We have English Class every Wednesday night at the church, and I was in charge of teaching GaoJiBan which is the highest level, so I only speak English to them. It was such an incredible experience, and it made me think about being a teacher again. I love our students!

View outside my apartment 

A lot of things come to mind that I want to write about and explain this experience to be like, but all that my mind wanders back to is how humbling this is. There is nothing more difficult than the feeling of not being able to be yourself. It's a challenge finding the faith to believe in myself and that I will be able to be an effective instrument in the Lord's hands.  But that is why we have the Savior to guide us.

Sister Hendricks

My "babysitter" on our first night proselyting the streets of Taiwan!
These Buddhist temples are everywhere. Most often in the middle of a very busy part of the city. We always see people walking past it, and dropping everything to stop and turn to the temple and bow. The people here are very very dedicated.

My temporary companion, Sister Haacke for the first couple days

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