Monday, February 23, 2015

ZaiJian, Georgia! NiHao, Taiwan!

Sister Barrett and I hiking Kennesaw mountain :)

Hey everyone!

This is going to be a quick email. We have little to no time today with all of the packing we have to get done. Poor Sister Barrett got the flu last night and we haven't been feeling too well on our last day together. So we're going down to Peach Tree City tonight to meet up with the other sisters who were also granted their visas and we'll stay the night with them. We will head down to the airport at around 3am and our flight leaves at 6am. Good thing I'll have around 30 hrs of travel time to catch up on some sleep. :)

Well, this week basically consisted of many, sad goodbyes. I'm so lucky to have been in this area. I will miss these people but I have high hopes for the incredible friendships and experiences I have ahead of me! I am so blessed to have been able to meet such great people. I love the Lost Mountain Ward! And I love Georgia! I know that because of the gospel, I have been able to find such great happiness. Happiness that I didn't know existed. This gospel is true! Jesus Christ lives and He is our Savior. Have a great week, everyone!!

Sister Hendricks

 Latoya and her cute kids. I will miss them!
 Sister Helsing is the sweetest lady ever. I will miss coming over on Sunday evenings to read the Book of Mormon with her. We sang "Abide with me tis eventide" and she recorded it on her iPad. She was so honored, that we did that and got so emotional. I love her!
 Sister Barrett is the best companion I will ever have! She leads by example, and puts everyone before her. She is so humble and is always ready to work. I will miss her and our laughs and trying to teach her things in Chinese, but she is going to do great things with her new and wonderful companion as a Sister Training Leader. I love her!
 I will miss Markeitha SO MUCH! She is so smart and just absorbs everything we teach her like a sponge. I'm so grateful that she is part of my life. I will never forget her!
 Sweet Sister 
 I LOVE this family! We went to say goodbye to them and I walked in and they had this hanging up in their kitchen. 

The Douglas Family! Brother Douglas is our ward mission leader.
 The Owen's! Brother Owen is in chiropractic school, so we got a couple adjustments from him this week. That is literally all I've wanted for the past 5 months. I miss those!
 Saying goodbye to Brandon and Michelle!

 Literally the best district I will ever be in. Lost Mountain Legends! Me, S. Barrett, S. Bourne, S. Alofipo, E. Metivier, E. Ferney, E. McDonald-Smith, E. Dennis. It was so hard saying goodbye to these missionaries. We have all had so much fun together! They will all do such great things.
 Happy Millcreek Sister Appreciation Day!!

 This is how Sister Barrett is going to look when we say goodbye
 I love this family! Ruth,Tracy, Angel, and Bill. Bill is still on date for baptism.  I love these people so much!
Saying goodbye to this sweet Sister. She is from Brazil and has the cutest accent ever. It is been so fun meeting with her!
Saying good bye to Sister Diamond! She is so awesome, and has like 4 cats. It's so fun going to her house.
 Say "Yesu Jidu!" (instead of cheese. Hence the funny faces) I love the Johnson family. They were baptized over a year ago and are the strongest members I know. They're going to the temple in the next few months, and we are so excited for them! I'll definitely miss them!
Lost Mountain Missionaries! I love these missionaries so much! Elder Ferney is still waiting for his visa to go to Sydney, Australia. Elder Metivier started his mission in Africa, but after health issues he came to Georgia. So really, Sister Barret was the only one actually called to Georgia originally, haha.

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