Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

I love Georgia!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, i just want to start off by saying I have never been so exhausted in my life. I think I'm missing out on about half of everyday because I am just so tired. Every morning when the alarm goes off at 6:15 am, I go through a series of denial that the morning has come yet again, and I groan when Sister Barrett turns on the light. Then I always fall out of bed in attempt to kneel at my bedside for a prayer. And Sister Barrett always laughs at me for walking around like a zombie for the first 10 or 15 minutes. Good thing she's already mastered charity and patience.

But once the day gets rolling it's full of finding people, experiencing rejection, experiencing miracles, and full of work. This week was pretty hard in some ways. Still being fairly new, I am still getting used to the sadness of witnessing these people reject this divine happiness. We have worked very, very hard (hence the extreme exhaustion) and have seen some cool miracles. We found a really cool family the other day just from knocking on doors. Her name is Amber and she has two kids. We prayed with them and got to know them, and they all agreed to let us teach them. The next day we called her to confirm our appt. and she dropped us. She said she talked to her mom and heard some "weird things" about the church and said she didn't want to meet with us. 

It's so hard hearing that. It's happened a couple times now. With Felicia too, and another woman named Regina. It's so hard because I know that the message we share is true. I know it will bless these peoples' lives. But there has to be opposition in all things. And it's because the gospel of Jesus Christ is the true restored gospel on the earth that so many are so against it. That's why there's so much hate towards Latter-Day Saints. Satan is just working so hard on these people that are so so so close to opening their hearts and their minds to the truth. But they let these little things stop them from experiencing a fullness of joy. It breaks my heart. I don't let it get to me personally, and I rarely feel offended when people reject our message. I don't feel it's necessary to question my worth as a missionary, because I know that at the end of every night when I do my accounting with the Lord, I can honestly say that I've done my very best.  Maybe with Felicia, I could have done something different with my teaching skills or what not. But I did everything I could to testify, and to help these people recognize the spirit. And I know that's what's most important.

But that's also what makes it so sad. How can I know if "it's not their time", or that "I planted a seed"? It's hard thinking that sometimes the best I can do isn't enough for that person. I wish I could just bring everyone to the happiness this gospel brings. But I can't just tell these people what to do. They need faith. And they need to seek for the Lord's guidance. I can only pray for those individuals.

Anyways, Sister Barrett said these things happen all the time. I guess it's just still so new to me. On a happier note, we found a chinese family!  I don't know how interested they are, but it was so fun speaking with them. And I'm hoping they know of more Chinese people in our area. Gotta do whatchya gotta do. 

Love you all!
Sister Hendricks

 Exchanges with Sister Domgaard in Ensign! We had a great day. We met this guy named Aikim (goes by K). We walked up to his house in the dark hours of the night and heard a dog barking and a man cussing very violently. We knocked anyways and Aikim answered. He was very surprisingly friendly and was very touched by our prayer. Sister Domgaard said he's a new investigator as well as his family and girlfriend. Never be afraid, and don't judge people when you don't know them! 

 Kind of a funny picture - We've been teaching this guy Sir James who works at a barber shop. The other day we were there, and his co-workers were making hot dogs and chicken right outside their shop. 

Sister Obuba took us out to eat!
Us with Lexi, Ethan, and Isabella!

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