Friday, December 19, 2014

Re-assignment/Travel Plans!

We finally got our travel plans!!! Yesterday, 20 of the delayed Taiwan missionaries missionaries got their reassignments.  Me, Sister Oviatt, Sister Kirkham and Sister Lindsay were the only ones who didn't receive any flight plans. So everyone left this morning except for us 4 and a few other elders that are leaving on Saturday to Washington. But FINALLY today, we 4 received our flight plans for Atlanta, Georgia!! Sister Good, Elder Mertz, Elder Davidson and some missionaries in the other zone were all sent to Colorado Springs, and then Elder Tan and all of the other missionaries were sent to the Washington, Federal Way Mission! Our flight leaves on Monday (December 22nd) at 8:30am. We will be at the airport from around 4:45am-7:45am. So expect a call from me around then! We are so excited!!

Sister Hendricks

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