Monday, October 20, 2014


Nimen hao!

This week went by really fast. Which is good, because it was so draining. We had to say goodbye to two districts from our zone today. Most of them are going to Taiwan, which is good, but it was hard saying goodbye to Sister Sharp since she's going to Hong Kong. But the good thing about the MTC is there are always new missionaries coming in - we got a new district this week in our zone! They're going to Taichung, Singapore, and ... England.. I believe? Also, our district got to Host on Wednesday which was so much fun. It was weird, because I feel like I got here yesterday. The MTC really messes with time. It's so confusing here, I never know what day of the week, or month it is.

This week we had our first TRC which was really scary. Basically we just have two 20 min. lessons with some converts that speak Chinese. It went alright, but we didn't prepare as well as we should have. We started our first lesson, and I didn't understand anything that was going on while the member spoke with Sister Good. So I just thought to myself "Just smile and pray" (that's something my sister training leader advised me to do, haha). Sister Good and I have been trying to find a way for me to talk more in the lessons, so basically when she's done talking with the investigator, she'll just look at me and wait for me to carry on the conversation. I hate it! But it's helped me soo much. I'm just always worried that I'll say something completely out of context. But after TRC, Sister Good told me that everything I said was in relation to what they were talking about and it made perfect sense (even though my grammar didn't). And that made me feel really good, because I honestly just listen to the Spirit in those situations so I can know what to say.

Our lessons are getting better.  Sister Good and I hit a bump in the road this week with our lessons and figuring out how the best way to work together is, and we discovered the magic in role playing before we teach. It's awesome- it gives me the opportunity to mess up before the real deal. And it also helps me practice saying things correctly.

So, I've decided that the MTC is the reason for all abandonment issues. Liu Laoshi (our favorite teacher) has appendicitis so he's been gone all week and Sun Laoshi (our other favorite teacher) just got assigned to teach a different district. So then they gave us a substitute all week, his name is Brother Cottle. He's actually a french teacher here at the MTC, but he went to France Mandarin speaking on his mission, so he speaks Chinese. So we got attached to him and now he's leaving. And of course, we hated saying goodbye to the two districts which was basically half of our zone. 

This week felt so long, but I can't believe it's already Pday. I can't believe I've been here for three weeks! I'm learning so much about myself and about what I want to change about myself by the time I get home. This is the hardest experience I've ever had, and it's only the beginning. But I'm trying to appreciate every moment I'm here. I've never felt so close to the Lord in my life. He is our number one source for comfort. He's the one friend you'll have for your entire life that will NEVER let you down. 

Anyways, I hope you're all having a good week! Sorry if I don't email you back. I try really hard to, and I will eventually, but 1 hour is not enough time to email. But I really appreciate all of your letters, emails, Dear Elders, etc. They make my day!


Sister Hendricks

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