Sunday, February 21, 2016

楊明芳 Yang Ming Fang was baptized!!!

Isn't she just glowing?
Yang Ming Fang was baptized!!! It was probably the happiest day of my life. This week, we met with her and she said she had the most amazing experience through prayer. She told us she invites her family to church every week but they never come, and she was really nervous to invite them to her baptism because she really wanted them to come, but didn't want them to say no. She didn't know what to do, so she said a prayer and then their family sat down for dinner and her husband asked her if they could attend her baptism. She was just glowing with joy as she told us this story. She said she really feels like God answered her prayers. 

Her baptism was so beautiful. As she stepped into the font, I wish I could just capture the moment. There's really nothing as special as watching someone make all these steps to return to God. I just felt so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that I could see the gradual change in her life over the past month. 

The best part was her family came to church the next day to see her confirmation! And Li Chong Wei got back from Taipei so he came, too! It was the best Sunday ever. After sacrament meeting, Yang asked our Bishop (he gave her the confirmation) how he knew all of her struggles and weaknesses that he mentioned in the blessing, and he told her that the blessing wasn't from him, it was from God and God knows her perfectly. She was just so touched.
This is us with Yang Ming Fang and her family!

That night, we met with Li Chong Wei to go over the baptismal interview questions with him to see if there's anything we needed to review before he gets baptized. I was a little nervous because he's been gone for 2 weeks, so I wasn't sure if he still wanted to be or not. But it went so great. And guess which member accompanied us? Yang Ming Fang! It was the perfect lesson. We set a goal with him to quit smoking by this last Saturday so that he could have 2 weeks of no smoking before his baptism on March 5th. I was so happy when he said he was following it and didn't smoke at all on Saturday or Sunday! We went through all of the questions, and he didn't have any problems with any of them. He had some questions about other churches, and still didn't understand what other churches believe in comparison to ours, but he believes that Joseph Smith restored the priesthood authority to the earth and he can feel that the Book of Mormon is true. Everything that Yang said was what he needed to hear, too. She said that the Spirit will testify of truth. Watching her in this lesson was amazing. It's like she's known these things her whole life. By the end, he just stopped and he said "I just really feel that this church... it's true." The spirit was so strong. It was so cool watching Yang and Li share their testimonies with each other. It was just the best day of my life.

It was a great week! I'm so excited for more miracles to come :)
Sister Hendricks

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