Sunday, January 24, 2016

HuaLien: The Best of the Best

I don't even know where to begin with how much this transfer has taught me. I've loved every part of it. I feel like I've learned so much, and being with Sister Haupt as well as such a unified zone has been so memorable, and we have all grown together. It's been so uplifting and fulfilling as we've all been able to strengthen each other. I'm grateful that I've loved every day of this transfer.

Transfers are this week! The process of moving at the transfers has changed. Before hand, you'd go to Taipei if you were moving for a transfer meeting where they basically announce where you're going and who your companion is going to be as if you're part of the Oscars. Super fun, but definitely a waste of time. Now, they call us on Wednesday and let us know if we're moving or not and then we leave on Thursday to our new assigned area. My whole mission, I've been in each area for only two transfers. Let's just say that I hope I break that streak and stay here..

I think the biggest thing I learned this transfer was how to choose to have faith and choose to believe. Sister Haupt and I have put everything into believing in our investigators and having faith that they can be baptized. As I've earnestly prayed and worked for this attribute, it's been amazing the results we've seen. In the past 3 weeks, we've met some of the most prepared people I've ever taught. As we plan for their lessons and then go into teach them with actual faith that they will start progressing, the feeling is completely different. When we meet with them, it's so much more than just a lesson. It actually feels real. It feels like we are making a difference.

Yang Ming Fang continues to progress at rocket speed. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week, and it was so beautiful and powerful. She understood it so well. She's also been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and she says she really feels something as she reads it. She even attended a baptism with us on Saturday night and then came to church for her first time on Sunday. As well as our other incredible investigator Li Chong Wei. He's a college student and was a referral from the Elders in the other ward - also really seeking for truth. They both had the best experience ever. We were a little nervous about taking them to one of the church classes, because the teacher usually goes off topic or teaches really deep, or incorrect doctrine.. haha. But he wasn't there today so our Bishop offered to help us out and he taught the PERFECT lesson. Everything about it was perfect! They both have baptismal dates for February 20th and I've never been more positive about an investigator achieving their goal. I'm so excited for them! 

Seeing all of these changes in our area has been so rewarding. It was a bit more difficult when I first got here, but everything is really looking up. I've never put so much heart and soul into anything in my life to leave this area better than I found it. It's taught me so much hard work and diligence. At first, it made me a little nervous that I might be moving again this week, and that I wouldn't be able to see our investigators be baptized next month. But as I've tried to align my will with God's will (whatever it may be), I've found peace in that I have done my part to help our investigators by honestly believing in them and having faith in them.  I feel so happy that I've been able to see this part of each of our investigators' conversion and to feel God's love for them.

The people I've met this transfer have a place in my heart. I will forever be so grateful for the experience I've had here in HuaLien.

Sister Hendricks

Don't the mountains remind you of Utah?
Our beautiful Chapel!
YingJie came to HuaLien!!! She goes to the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission on Feb. 22nd! I will definitely be visiting temple square to get a Chinese Tour of the Salt Lake temple when I get back :)

Grocery shopping in Taiwan!
Exchanges with sister Kitchens! I have never laughed so hard in my life than when I was with her. Hahaha we had way too many good laughs that day.
I will never get sick of this view!
Us with Yang Ming Fang!! Ah I love her!
We went to a 7-11 for like 5 minutes to warm up my fingers with the sweet potatoes. 
​So I never thought this would happen... but IT GOT COLD. And yes, it is as freezing as they say. I feel like it's been a really long time since I've been in this cold of weather. I heard it even snowed up in Taipei. All I'm saying is I am very impressed with missionaries that are sent to freezing cold missions. Luckily, winter is almost over here :)

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