Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hey everyone!

Merry Christmas!

I don't have a lot of time, but let me just tell you Christmas in Taiwan was way better than anything I had expected. And I wasn't with my family and friends, or taking the day off, or eating some nice chocolate or something like that. In fact, we didn't have any appointments set up for the entire day. All we did was go outside from house to house, talk to everyone on the streets, and testify of Jesus Christ.

It was a lot different, and definitely a lot more tiring and exhausting than any Christmas I've ever had in my life, for obvious reasons. But I would be crazy for enjoying every second if there wasn't a reason for it. And the reason behind all of it was that I wanted everyone to know and feel of the reality that God does live. He loves us. He literally created us and gave us a life on earth to learn and to grow. Because we are naturally all imperfect, He gave us the most precious gift of all. And that is His son Jesus Christ. Through Him we can be cleansed from sin. Going out and sharing this message has never been more special to me than on a day of the year where naturally I would want to relax and focus on myself. It was definitely a holiday I will never forget.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas this year!  And I hope you all remember what it is all about :)  Sister Hendricks

The sun was so bright! Merry Christmas Eve from HuaLien :)
This is what happens when you live on the East Coast. You have to be a pack mule every time you go to Taipei and bring back all the things we are in need of. And then add Christmas presents on top of it haha.

The roomies on Christmas Eve!
Pancakes for breakfast on Christmas morning!
Zone lunch on Christmas!
Best Christmas EVER. I love my companion!!
this is funny. It's so strange in Taiwan - it's impossible to find the doorbell on every house. But this one was very clear. They even wrote in English that it was a doorbell. I was so thankful. :)
Best zone photo ever
 Traveling to Taipei for a Christmas conference with the whole mission~
And behold, HuaLien Zone preforming "White Christmas". There was a talent show at the conference, and we were the first to preform. Hahaha so much fun.

I Love Sister Giles!
We got all of the sisters that were re-assigned to Georgia together for a group photo!​

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