Tuesday, April 28, 2015

好久不見 !

 POURING rain storm last week. We bought rain ponchos from a 7-11 since we were very ill prepared. I just laughed the whole night at how ridiculous the rain here is, and how far apart all of our appointments were.
This is one of the less busy days. As you can see, eating has to be last priority..
 That's a mango, even though it looks like a potato. Last week, a member took us out to get ManGuoBing in celebration of Mango season starting!
Sushi Express! I love this place. You pay by the plate, so you take off the ones you want and then just add up the plates. Soo good.

Hello! Wow, what a long week. But so much good has happened! Today we get to go to the temple so we didn't have studies this morning. So, we woke up at and went with the elders and some members in our ward to hike MiZhiShan and watch the sunrise. It was by far the best morning I've had on my mission and I loved every second of it. We rarely get to do things like that, so it was an awesome opportunity!

Didn't see much of a sunrise because of the fog... But still super awesome view

We had the opportunity to hear from Elder Gong last week. There is something so incredible about hearing from a general authority. There's so much power and truth that illuminates his countenance. I've been so excited to take and apply the many things he taught us, and be more spiritually bold in our finding efforts. That day was super busy. We had his training in the morning, and then had a Fireside that night from him. In between, we went on splits with missionaries in other zones. Since our area was close, some came to our area. I actually had the opportunity to have Sister Kirkham come with me to our area for a few hours. It really put a perspective on the fact that Sister Kirkham and I were in the MTC together just over 6 months ago. It was a fun experience, and good to catch up with her. The Fireside was very beautiful. The whole night was focused on Christ. I feel it was good to reflect on my clear and firm testimony of the reality that He lives. I liked picturing Him there with us that night. What would He say? How would everyone act? How would we feel?

Our work this week has been busy as ever! We've spent a lot of time finding Less-Actives that we haven't met and finding around their homes, as well as members' homes. I have really grown an appreciation for this type of finding. We found a really cool lady who lives in the same apartment building as two other members. Finding around areas of strength is very key, I've found. I also really love finding through formers. We met a really cool lady that was taught the lessons back in 2009. She was more than excited to see us and said she missed when the missionaries came over and didn't know why they stopped coming. She said she's willing to give it all another try, but is hesitant about changing her lifestyle at the moment, because she feels like she's too old to change. But I feel like that is why members are so important. There are so many ladies in our ward who would really be able to relate to her.

This week I really wanted to focus on how I can better understand the people I talk with. And not just their Chinese - but I want to be better at really putting myself in others' shoes. I want to look at these incredible people in the eyes and feel God's love for them. I want to do more than just give them a tract and compliment their shoes. I want every person I talk to, to feel better than they were before. I want them to be uplifted in someway, or enlightened. Sister Stevens helped me see how I can do so. By "standing in the midst" (3 Nephi) of the people I talk to. I never want to leave the impression that I am on some high pedestal, or that I'm better than them in anyway. I want to stand in the midst of them, and learn and grow with them.

 NanGang park!
 Taichi :)

Sister Hendricks

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