Tuesday, January 20, 2015

8-Day Week!

Sister Barrett is so great - I want to take her to Taiwan with me!


​I don't even know where to begin with this week! First of all, it was an 8-day week, since we had Martin Luther King day yesterday. Our president wanted us to work that day. So, today is our Pday! Hence the day late email.

It's been a fantastic week, seeing as Michelle is preparing for her baptism. She is overcoming the adversary on her own, and that's probably the best feeling as a missionary. Seeing someone change out of their own desire to change. Her entire countenance is so much brighter than before. It is so incredible what the gospel does for us when we allow it to shape us. I keep thinking about how this decision will change her marriage with Brandon and the upbringing of their son. They have no idea how much the Lord will bless them! It was so incredible seeing Brandon receive the Priesthood Authority.

Speaking of the priesthood, I feel to express my deep appreciation for it. We saw Michelle earlier this week at a member's home. She's been experiencing some doubt and fear about her decision. The father of the home offered to give her a blessing. I think it was the biggest turning point in Michelle's conversion. On top of her seeing Brandon's life change, and feeling the need for a remission of her sins from the past. She is so incredible and I am so excited for her.
We have a new investigator named "J". She's 37 and has 7 kids, all with different dads. She has been through a lot of abuse in her life:  physical, sexual, emotional. She's been involved in drugs, alcohol, and prostitution and she is just so ready to change her life. We don't think she is all the way there though, probably from the abuse over the years. It's kind of similar to teaching a 10 year old. We have to go really slow with her. But she is willing to change, and is on date for baptism! We'll see how things go with her.

Markeitha is doing great! Her boyfriend has decided to move out. She is heartbroken because she was hoping they could be married. But she's starting to realize that it's a blessing in disguise. She has referred to G as a temptation from the devil several times, but she is too attached to change anything about their living situation. She is just so ready to be baptized - she knows it's true despite the things G tells her, she loves reading the Book of Mormon, and she is really seeing how the gospel will bless her. We read 1 Nephi 8 with her about the Tree of Life and she loved it. It just makes so much sense to her! I just hope she can start thinking about baptism again.

So many great things that happened this week! However, unfortunately, I broke my streak of avoiding all sicknesses yesterday. Sister Barrett and I got the flu pretty bad. I'm hoping it won't last long so that we can get back to work. Stay away from the flu! It's miserable.

But on a happier note, I love being a missionary! And I love Georgia! My mission president in Taiwan said that 15 other the visa waiting missionaries have their paper-work being sent to them. There are still 13 who haven't received word though. Pray for me that I will be where the Lord wants me to be!
Sister Hendricks
He Jie Mei
Pictures from last week~
  At the end of the longest day of our lives!
 ​Our awesome district! Said goodbye to Elder Reni (far left) and Sister Malmberg (far right) at the transfer. 
 I love Georgia!
 A little TLC :)

Dinner with Markeitha and Sister Blakely

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